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Lighthouse Notary Services - Mobile Services

Mobile Notary Services

Notaries in Louisiana are given broad powers; they are authorized to make inventories, appraisements, partitions, wills, protests, matrimonial contracts, conveyances, and, generally, all contracts and instruments in writing. The notary is also empowered to execute authentic acts, and receive acknowledgments of acts under private signature. Business organizations, especially within the Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate industries, government agencies, and many others, have a need for documents that have been authenticated as executed by the parties involved. Notaries play a consistent role in making sure that documents executed before them are documents that can be trusted in our system of commerce.

In Louisiana, a Louisiana Civil Law Notary Public can
• Draft and complete your documents
• Acknowledge that you signed a document
• Administer oaths and take depositions
• Create Authentic Acts – a particular class of legal document, and much more….

All of this is available through Lighthouse Notary Service's Mobile Notary Service.

Lighthouse is able to come to you! Whether at your home, office, or other off-site location, Lighthouse's Notaries can draft your documents, and execute them at the location of your choosing.

Step One: Call Us

Speak to a Lighthouse Notary to determine the needed instrument and have it drafted.

Step Two: Make and Appointment

Select a time, date, and place to have the Notary execuute the signing of the insturment.

Step Three: File Documents (If Necessary)

Some documents need to be filed with the appropiate agencies. Lighthouse's Notaries can take care of that as well.

Step Four: You're Finished!


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About Us

Lighthouse Notary Services provides mobile notary services in the Greater New Orleans area, North shore and River Parishes. Lighthouse Notary Services can draft and execute many different types of legal instruments, many having immediate legal effect.

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